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Are you a Financial Advisor considering a change?


If yes, you should consider TITAN SECURITIES. The President of TITAN SECURITIES is Brad Brooks. He has 30 years experience in the investment business, most of them with the major wire houses, including :


 Shearson Lehman Brothers (now Smith Barney )

 Bear Stearns

 Wachovia Securities


 At Wachovia Securities he was a Branch/Complex Manager, a member of the firms Advisory Council, a top recruiter, and a personal coach to many Top Producers.


Brad Brooks believes that the big firms have become too big, too impersonal, and that they don’t have the respect for the individual Representative they once did. These firms are asking you to do more and at the same time are cutting your payout every two years. WHY?  Because they can…and because they must in order to pay for the massive infrastructure they have built…most of which you never use !


Ten years ago it meant something to work for a big, well known firm because clients trusted the name…but no more! Our business has changed, it is now a relationship business…people do business with people, it’s as simple as that. If you have an established relationship with your clients, they will work with you anywhere.


The truth is that Registered Reps are leaving the traditional wire house environment at faster pace than ever before and their clients are going with them!


TITAN SECURITIES is an alternative for Registered Reps who enjoy the professionalism of a traditional firm but not the hassles and low pay.


 TITAN SECURITIES provides an environment where you, the Investment Professional, can conduct your business your way. If you want training and coaching, you will get it…if you don’t, that’s fine too.


The bottom line is…at TITAN SECURITIES we know who is important…it is YOU and YOUR CLIENTS. We  also know who controls and owns the client relationship…it is YOU.


If this sounds like a place you would like to be associated with or would just like more information on our Branch Platform or our Independent Platform,please call our President, Brad Brooks, direct at 972-980-5921 or send him an email at